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Seamus McHugh is a specialist registrar in general surgery and designer of this website

Mark Corrigan is a consultant surgeon in Cork University Hospital and has previously designed the hugely successful surgical education website surgent.ie

Professor Arnold Hill is the R.C.S.I. Professor of Surgery and a Consultant Breast & General surgeon in Beaumont Hospital, Dublin

Professor Hilary Humphreys is a Professor of Microbiology in the R.C.S.I. and Beaumont Hospital, Dublin

Professor Sean Tierney is a Professor of Surgical Informatics in the Royal College of Surgeons and a Consulant Vascular Surgeon in the Adelaide & Meath National Childrens Hospital, Tallaght, Dublin

Professor Seamus Cowman is Professor of Nursing at R.C.S.I. and Head of Department at the Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery

Borislav D. Dimitriov is a Senior Research Fellow in Research Methodology in the Department of General Practice at R.C.S.I. He is a specialist (consultant) in social medicine and health management (main fields: biostatistics, clinical epidemiology, health informatics)


Our website is for educational purposes only, we are not involved in advertising any commercial products


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