<h1>Prevention of Surgical Infection Through Education</h1>

Surgical Site Infection Prevention Guidelines

Surginfection summary of 2008 National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) guidelines in prevention of surgical site infection (SSI) peri-operatively: What you, the surgical trainee may not know

Hair removal: Use clippers rather than a razor if necessary - Use of a razor to shave the operative area damages skin increasing SSI risk

Antibiotics: Give prophylaxis before incision - this allows time for adequate tissue concentration of antibiotic

Incision: Do not diathermy for incision where possible. Use of a scalpel for initial incisions is preferred

Intra-operatively : Maintain temperature >36C and oxygen saturations >96% - Studies have shown these two factors to be independantly associated with an increased risk of SSI

Intra-operatively : Be vigilant in maintaining haemostasis - Remember the three biggest causes of infection are haematoma, haematoma, haematoma

Post-operatively: Cover the wound with a sterile dressing



Download the Fulltext PDF NICE Guideline here

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